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Coal Still a Key Power Source

In an article for Forbes, Christopher Helman wrote today that although solar, wind, and natural gas industries are booming, they will not be able to replace coal in the wake of sweeping plant shutdowns due to new EPA rules in the United States.

US Coal Businesses Facing Legal and Regulatory Changes

Forbes reported today that three major regulatory changes will go into effect this spring, forcing power plants that use coal to upgrade operations or close them down. US coal users will thus have to look at new, superior coal technologies to move forward.

Turnround Investor Moulton Expresses Interest in UK Coal Assets

The Financial Times reported that veteran turnaround investor Jon Moulton is considering a move to buy parts of UK Coal in the wake of news that two of Britain’s last coal mines may soon close. UK Coal is currently seeking a government bailout. According to the publication: UK Coal needs £20m, including £10m from the government, for [...]

Only One Coal Pit to Remain in Britain

The telegraph reported that Kellingley Colliery in Yorkshire and Thoresby Colliery in Nottinghamshire will close within the next year and a half as the mines are no longer commercially viable, leaving Hatfield Colliery in Ed Miliband’s Doncaster North constituency as the last remaining coal pit in Britain. Cheap imports of US shale gas have combined with a weak dollar to help make UK coal mines unprofitable.